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  •  05/26/2023

USI Wins Four Awards in “Investor Relations Gold Award 2022”

(2023-05-26, Shanghai) On May 23, 2023, winners were officially announced for the “Investor Relations Gold Award 2022”, a national award hosted by Shenzhen Panorama Network Co., Ltd. and co-organized by the China Academy of Corporate Governance of Nankai University. USI won four awards, “Company with Outstanding IR Service”, “Outstanding IR Team”, “Excellent Communication with Institutional Investors Award”, and “Outstanding Board Secretary”.

Participating companies were evaluated by the China Academy of Corporate Governance of Nankai University, based on its mature investor relationship (IR) scoring system for listed companies, combined with the performance of the listed companies, their chairman and board secretary in terms of over 20 indicators in 2022, including the holding of shareholders' meeting, board of directors meetings, board of supervisors meetings, performance briefings, reception of investor visits, online Q&A interactions, dividend distribution, etc.

Starting from March 21, 2023, the competition went through multiple rounds, including self-recommendation, online voting, index scoring, and expert review. The evaluation process has undergone more scientific and comprehensive optimization and upgrading regarding selection indicators, weights, etc. Experts from various fields continued to be invited to serve as consultants, including professionals from the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Beijing Stock Exchange, the China Association for Public Companies, the China Securities Investor Services Center, as well as senior board secretaries of listed companies, university scholars, chief economists of mutual funds and representatives from other third parties. The panel of experts comprehensively reviewed the selection rules, procedures, and preliminary results from multiple dimensions.

Currently, there are over 5,000 companies listed on China's A-share market, making high-level IR management an important factor for listed companies to stand out in the capital market and win the favor of investors.

USI attaches great importance to IR management. It maintains adequate, timely, accurate and transparent communication with investors, analysts, and the media and keeps optimizing the experience for investors. From the beginning of 2022, the company adopted WebEx video conferences for the investor briefings held in non-trading hours after the preliminary earnings estimates or quarterly reports are disclosed, added videos and slides into the presentations for a more complete display of performance and financial data, answered questions from analysts and institutional investors, and revealed the meeting minutes and slides on the SSE “e-interaction” platform before trading hours on the next trading day; in addition to holding online performance briefings after the annual report and semi-annual report are released, the company held its 2022 third-quarter performance briefing through live broadcasting on “RoyalFlush” platform, attracting 60,000 views to the live stream, bringing a better interaction experience for individual investors; the company set up its official enterprise accounts on the popular stock trading apps among Chinese investors, “RoyalFlush” and “Eastmoney”, allowing individual investors to obtain the company’s latest updates more conveniently and efficiently through diversified information disclosure channels. In 2022, the company answered 121 questions on the SSE “e-interaction” platform, 99.99% of the total questions raised; participated in a total of 139 sell-side institution’s events, reverse roadshows, and online and offline conferences with institutional investors, and received 1,234 visits by institutional investors, committing 158.5 service hours; as far as the company knows, more than 70 reports related to USI were released in 2022, showing a high degree of market attention.

The company is devoted to creating a transparent, open, and compliant atmosphere for investor communication and interaction, continuously innovating IR management models, providing better, higher-level services to investors, and laying a solid foundation for its high-quality development by actively promoting its development strategy and investment value. 
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